1. Merrill Meeks Flood carves a pumpkin!

  2. Merrill Flood #30! Head to www.merrillmeeksflood.com for more!

  3. merrill meeks flood no. 29. his father is taking him on a mysterious journey…

  4. Another Merrill Meeks Flood! Are finally going to meet his father?

  5. Sorry it’s been so long! A new Merrill Meeks Flood for you, finally!!

  6. Recreating a page from Captain Marvel #28 by Jim Starlin….Thanos!!

  7. Simpsons!!!

  8. Jacob deGrom!

  9. Some more Simpsons sketches!

  10. Watching the Simpsons marathon! My own little Ned Flanders! Hi-diddly-oh!