1. The long awaited next part 11 of Merrill Meeks Flood! You can all stop holding your collective breath! This is the story of a crazy-weird baseball player from the 1960s! Look for it soon at www.merrillmeeksflood.com

  2. 2014 Arizona Vacation comic! We went on a hike and I did a comic about it. 

  3. Arizona sketch. Kinda looks like it’s giving the middle finger now that I examine it.

  4. New comic coming soon to animalwarz!

  5. Asbury park comic con!

  6. MOCCA 2014! Come on down!

  7. animalwarz:

    BATZ the Demolisher with wings ! right from my sketchbook¬†

    Batz!! The Demolisher! From the new webcomic Animal Warz coming soon to animalwarz
  8. Post-it Beatle!!

  9. Sketchbook comic about the future of mankind. Fun!

  10. El Spielbergo