1. Sorry it’s been so long! A new Merrill Meeks Flood for you, finally!!

  2. Recreating a page from Captain Marvel #28 by Jim Starlin….Thanos!!

  3. Simpsons!!!

  4. Jacob deGrom!

  5. Some more Simpsons sketches!

  6. Watching the Simpsons marathon! My own little Ned Flanders! Hi-diddly-oh!

  7. Long wait for number 26 but I hope it’s worth it! An interview with Merrill Meeks Flood in which he explores his personal life.

  8. Another edition of Merrill Meeks Flood!

  9. Merrill Meeks Flood no. 24!

  10. Thought i’d try out the new Batgirl design! My batgirl is a little more realistic: she’s sporting a confident grin, she knows what’s coming and she can handle it. But at the same time, her shoulders are a bit slumped, she’s been through the ringer a few times and is probably kind of exhausted. Who wouldn’t be?!